Sunday, October 2, 2011

Where did the weekend go????

This weekend FLEW by!!! It was full of playing!
The boys went to play with their friends, Greyson and Grant, Friday night.  Saturday was SOCCER! 
Soccer was followed by a birthday party for Logan at Pump it Up.
These two guys are Ethan's new best buddies, Grant (on left) and Austin (in the middle).
Happy B/day, Logan!
Since Ethan was invited to the party, Nate took Link to the movies.  Link was so excited to have "Daddy Day!"
Sunday was gorgeous!!  After church and naps, we took the kiddos to the playground.  By coincidence, Aaron and Anna, our Thursday play friends, were at the playground!
Ethan was so excited to see his friend!  We have a crazy busy week this week!  Ethan's b/day is Friday night and Granny is coming to visit!!!!  Maybe next weekend will go a little slower than this one!

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