Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Super Proud

Nate and I could not be more proud of this guy!  His teacher wrote me a few weeks ago.  She shared his math scores with us.  He was exceeding expectations, and she wanted to see if he could be accelerated!  Of course, Nate and I jumped on the opportunity! 

Yesterday, we had a meeting at his school, and his math skills are even above what Nate and I were thinking.  So, tomorrow he is going to a second grade class for math! 

His teacher, Mrs. Thomas, sent out a questionnaire at the beginning of the year asking for some information about our child and what kind of goals we had for him.  My main goal was to boost his confidence.  I knew that once he became a little more confident in his abilities, he would start soaring!  My goal was not just an academic goal, but an overall confidence goal!  Again, he has begun exceeding my expectations!  He's riding his bike independently, he's doing great on the soccer field, he's (silently) reading all the time, and now he's moving to second grade math!  

When you get a chance, say a little prayer for him tomorrow!  I know that he is a little nervous about his new adventure! 

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