Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Fair

The fair came to town last week and we had planned on going last Monday, but it rained!  The weather was great today, so we headed out after soccer. 
After eating some fair food for lunch, we bought some tickets and let the boys do some fair rides.
Ethan wanted to go on the big slide, but Link was not interested.
They both enjoyed the fun house.
Lincoln was excited about the car race, but Ethan decided to save his ticket to do the fun house again.

Lincoln kept turning around because he thought the girl behind him could pass him.
He did the same thing on the motorcycle ride!  He is too funny!
We ended the time at the fair with the pig races!  It was getting hot and Nate and I were ready to get cool.  I thought the boys would be ready to go after the first race, but they wanted to stay to see all four!!!  They really enjoyed them!
Right before we left, we stopped to let them try cotton candy.  I don't think they have ever had it before.  I was sure that they both would love it.  Ethan thought it was ok.  Lincoln was not a fan.  He said it tasted like fur!  haha!
This evening, Ethan said, "Today was a BLAST!!!' 

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