Wednesday, October 26, 2011

After School Play Date

Yesterday, we decided to have Grant and Greyson come play after school today.  While waiting for the bus yesterday, we invited Austin and Jack to come play, as well!

 The boys started off riding bikes and scooters.
 Ethan is still trying to get the hang of his scooter.
 They QUICKLY moved on to playing soccer....which in all fairness, was a little less stressful for the parents.  When these boys got together they heard NOTHING but each other.  I think we yelled their names about ten times before they finally payed attention when we saw a car coming.
This picture cracks me up.  Notice how all the boys are going for the ball....except for Lincoln.  He is going for Grant.  Not sure what that crazy kid is thinking!
By the end of the night, Jack's little brother and sister had come down.  Truman, another boy from his class and also a neighbor, came down.  Then we met a new neighbor and his little boy.  It was a full on block party!!!  

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