Sunday, October 23, 2011


Yesterday, the soccer field was full of surprises.  We arrived to find out that the boys were playing on fields next to each other.  I quickly ran home to get lawn chairs so that Nate and I could sit next to each other and watch both boys together.  Within a few minutes, we looked up and saw Aaron and Danielle.  They woke up on one of their last weekends to sleep in (new baby on the way) to come surprise the boys!  
To top it off, Ethan scored his first goal!  I had to have Nate stop me from running over to hug him.  I was so proud of him!!!  It was so great!
 We learned last weekend that bribes of treats really work for Lincoln participation. So far, the past two weeks the bribes have worked. Yesterday, he ran up and down the field....almost the whole game.  I think he got two little breaks! 
Next week is our last week.  Marilyn will be here to see it!  I can't wait to show her how much they have improved!!!

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