Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy B/day, Ethan

 My Ethan turned SEVEN today!!

Granny flew in today to celebrate his birthday weekend.
 Ethan took a few of his friends bowling tonight!
Lincoln was happy because his best buddy, Greyson, came too!  The music was loud and these two were dancing fools!

 He grinned from ear to ear all day long!!!
 It was definitely a LEGO party.  He received so many LEGOs.  I think he will be building for weeks!

 After presents, we had just a few minutes left to bowl.  We started bowling and I told them all it was time to go.  Suddenly, the lights went out and disco lights were turned on.  They all started squealing.  We had to go one more round!!!  They loved it so much!
I have to say, I even had a great time!!!  It's so fun to see them enjoy themselves so much!!

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