Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

 This is the 6th year that Marilyn has been in town for Halloween.  Since we are in a BIG neighborhood, she stayed at home and passed out candy, so that we could go with the kiddos!
 Jengo Fett and Captain Jack Sparrow were so excited!
 The boys wanted us to dress up again this year and we couldn't say no!!! :)
I am LOVING this neighborhood.  We met up with some of Ethan's good friends and headed out to raid the hood for their treats!  We managed to make it to most of the houses in our pod!  They had a blast and brought home a ton of candy! 
We happen to be at the very back of the pod.  There is a lot of new construction.  Mar was bummed.  We ended up only having 17 trick or treaters. So....we are stuck with a TON of candy!

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