Saturday, March 23, 2013

Morning in Mainz

It was another blustery, windy, and overcast day in Germany.  
We decided to head to Mainz to visit a few museums.

 Our first stop was the Gutenberg Museum.  Gutenberg was born and raised in Mainz.  In 1900, the townspeople started a museum to honor his memory and his printing press.  There were NO photographs allowed, and to insure this there were some really creepy guards.  
I think because we had two kids with us they followed us everywhere.  
The museum displayed a great overview of the history of printing.  They had the very primitive wood carved presses, copper presses, stone presses, metal presses, and replicas of the Gutenberg press.  
The museum also houses two original Gutenberg bibles.

 The museum sits directly next to the Mainz cathedral.
 The Saturday market was going on.  
If it hadn't been so stinking cold and windy, we might have done some browsing.  
The fellas were on a mission to get somewhere warm quickly!
 In fact, this picture was taken with lots of moaning and groaning!
 There were lots of cute little shops on cobblestone roads!  We even found a NorthFace store.  

 FINALLY, we found a cafe.  This one reminded me of a European Panera bread.  They had breakfast, sandwiches, and ice cream.  Yes, these crazy boys had ice cream in 30 degree weather!
Nate had a European BLT (ham in stead of bacon), and I had a yummy ham and cheese crepe!
 Our last stop was the Antique Ship museum.  The museum had salvaged wood from Ancient Roman ships along with completed replicas of ancient ships.  We knew Link would love this museum.  Unfortunately, this one did not allow photographs either!  :(  
For less than 40 euro we visited two museums and had lunch in Mainz!  I call that a good day!

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