Sunday, March 31, 2013

Frohe Ostern

 Lincoln came home this week and said that he wanted to "paint" eggs.  I thought about it and realized that we have never dyed eggs with them.  YIKES!  
So Saturday, we got busy and died eggs!
 These pretty eggs became delicious deviled eggs today!
 Today was daylight savings in Germany.  We had to rush to get to church on time this morning.
 The fellas got to sit with us today at church!  
 We rushed home after an exciting two-hour service to hunt eggs!
 The hunt took about 2 minutes because they were RUSHING around!
When I used to hunt eggs at Mrs. Edwards house, the money eggs were always my favorite.  This year the Easter bunny put Euro in the money eggs!  
I hope you had a Happy Easter!  

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