Wednesday, March 20, 2013


                                           We REALLY need to work on compliments.
I am hoping that Ethan's teacher is not reading this. I let Ethan and Lincoln off the hook for homework tonight.  I had only one condition.  They had to give me ten compliments.  I thought this would be super easy.  After four compliments, they were completely out.  

They put their heads together and came up with these:

1.  You're nice.
2. You're pretty.
3. The old standby You make good dinners.
4.  Your skin is soft.
5.  You have a nice look.
6.  You're belly is squishy.
7.  You're happy MOST of the time.
8.  You wear soft pants.
9.  You have blue clothes and blue is my favorite color.
10.  You're face is pinkish.  

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