Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lohr Am. Main (Snow White)

We drove about two hours to Lohr Am. Main today.  Legend has it that the Grimm brothers wrote the story of Snow White based on Sofia Maria who lived in Lohr with her father and step mother. The above picture is the Old Town Hall.  

 The Saturday market was going on.  People were stopping to buy bread, vegetables, meat, and fish.

 We stopped in a cute half-timbered restaurant that was built in the early 1600's.  
We enjoyed roasted chicken and fries. The boys had their usual....schnitzel.
 We made our way over to the castle to see all about Snow White.  
 We bought tickets in the downstairs apothecary.  Maybe the witch made her poison here??  They say that there are apple orchards all over the region.
 The basement has lots of old mining tools.  It took both of them to pick up this hammer.
 The kitchen was tiny!
 The boys loved seeing how the old mattresses were filled with hay.
 Forestry is/was popular in the region.  This tree is over 300 years old.
 Antique toys.
 What's a castle without a knight suit.
FINALLY....the Snow White room!
 So, in 1986 a local historian did a lot of research to try to verify that Snow White was written about Sofia Maria in Lohr.  One of the verifying factors was this mirror.  
There is an inscription in the corner that translated says Self Love.  
 Crazy mirror!
 We ended the tour in the mirror room.  Mirrors were manufactured here in the 1600's.  These are some from the town.  This castle had three floors and a basement filled with antiques from the region.  

 I did not have high expectations for this place.  Mainly because it was not well advertised.  Trip advisor had NOTHING on it!  We are were pleasantly surprised.  It was also the friendliest German city we have yet to visit.  We had a nice man come to give us advice on where to eat and told us the castle had information in English.  Everyone at the restaurant smiled at us.....that's huge for Germans!  :)
On our way home, we drove through the alleged forest that Snow White ran to.  In the 1600's mining was big in the forest.  Many of the mines were small and they used children and little people to mine.
All the evidence added up that Maria Sofia was Snow White.   I am convinced and so were Lincoln and Ethan.  

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