Sunday, March 3, 2013

A gem of a day

Our friends invited us to Idar Oberstein for a delicious steak dinner.  As soon as Nate said Idar Oberstein, Ethan shrieked and said he wanted to go to the gem museum.  You would think it would be easy to follow an eight years old directions in a tiny little village, but it's not!  It took us 45 minutes to find it!  You also can't put in Gem Museum in your GPS.  If I had put in Edelstein Erlebniswelt, it would have led us right there!  haha!
 Ethan had talked up this thing like crazy.  "You get to dig for gems in a CAVE!"  I was excited and so were the boys.  Notice the tin roof and stucco in the "cave!"  They had brought in a ton of rocks.  As you can see sand was everywhere (sand on my camera).  
 We found the pretty gems hidden in the rocks.  After about 15 minutes, we didn't see anymore.  Then a a new group of about 10 came in and suddenly there were new gems on the ground.  Nate and I kept laughing, but the kids LOVED it!
 Afterwards we went to the museum.  The lady told us to enjoy your experience.  
 It was an experience alright!  Don't you love the unicorn!  There was also a dragon and some trolls!
 Notice the fog machine smoke.  It was definitely an experience!  The boys loved every minute and did not want to leave!
 Afterwards you go up to the gift shop.  I have to say they had some beautiful beads!  You could even buy beads to make your own necklace.  I saw this one and thought of Mar. 
 I would have bought it but it was 744.30 EURO!  
It was dinner time!  We went to Zum Alten Goten.  The house was built in 1392!  We had one of the best steaks ever! It's funny, but you can not find steak in Germany!  The restaurant cooks their food on a fire pit as the gauchos taught them hundreds of years ago.  The owner looked like Santa Claus!  
The boys met the Harrigan girls and I think it was "like" at first sight!

Ethan kept creeping closer and closer to Zia.  On our way home, Lincoln said the best part of the day was the girls!  We had a wonderful day.  The sun shined on us all day and on the drive home we saw the stars for the first time in MONTHS!  I think it rejuvenated all of us!

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