Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stuttgart Volksfest

Welcome to Stuttgart's version of Oktoberfest!!!  I knew we were in for a treat when we saw two YOUNG girls on the train to Stuttgart drinking Champagne straight out of a bottle.  Of course, they were wearing Dirndls, traditional German dresses.
There were rides, beer tents, and lots of people!!!!
The boys are both taking a class at school called Host Nation.  Their teacher is a German guy that they call Herr Schuster.  All we can figure out is that he tells them all kinds of random German travel information.  We learned a few weeks ago that we should have gone to Bad Durkheim to the wine festival.  The latest info he gave them is that if the boys go to Oktoberfest to stay clear of the bumper cars because German kids can fall out of them!  Of course, the fellas wanted to try them out!
Guess who saw a pirate ship and HAD to ride it??
After enough carny rides, we stopped into a beer tent for some lunch.  As we walked in, the band started playing Sweet Caroline.  It was HILARIOUS to hear the Germans singing it!
Just a few people here!
 It was so LOUD and crowded, but it was a cool experience.  It's nothing like the Biergarten in Epcot!  hahah!
 This was the "tent" we went into.  It also looks nothing like a tent!
 We took a ride on one of the ferris wheels to get perspective from the air!  This place is HUGE!
 The boys spotted cotton candy.  In german it's called zucker watt.  It tastes the same!   YUMMY!
 Our plan was to make it until dinner.  That did not happen.  I had a few panic attacks. There were soooo many people!  I definitely have some crowd claustrophobia!  We made it to about 3:30, and then got back on the train for the hotel.  Nate fell fast asleep.  
About five minutes into the car ride, the fellas fell fast asleep!  We had a good time.  I am glad that we went to get a feel for how the REAL Oktoberfest is.  I can start planning my panic attacks for next year!

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