Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

 Ethan had the BEST field trip today.  They went to Idar Oberstein where the church in the rock is.  Lincoln had a pumpkin day at school and I was able to join him!  
It was super fun....but I forgot my camera.
 Since the Germans don't really do Trick or Treating, we went to the base for Halloween.  
 Nate and my friend Elizabeth's husband had to work and were not able to go, so we joined forces and went together!
 We saw quite a few Wolverines but none that made as many crazy poses!
 Every time I got my camera out....a pose!
 Poor Emma was the only girl in the group.  However, strangers thought she was so 
cute and would put candy in her bucket!  
 By about six the crowds were picking up.  
Lincoln was D-O-N-E and let everyone know that he was done!
We stopped to take a break and the as you can see Link was beat!  
It also didn't help that he woke up so excited for the day at 5:00 AM!!!!

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