Sunday, October 7, 2012

Black Forest

After a crazy day at Volksfest, we decided to enjoy a quiet day in the Black Forest!  The drive down to Triberg was just like the pictures you see in books!
I had MAJOR flashbacks to my family vacation to Colorado in the 6th grade.  Every few miles, my parents would say, "OH MY GOODNESS!  This is GORGEOUS!!"  I think I said that a few hundred times today!
We stopped in Triberg because the House of 1000 clocks is here!  We knew that we were going to get our good friends a Cuckoo clock.  We have never wanted one because I think that constant cuckooing would drive me insane!  The guy who sold us the clock showed us that you can turn off the cuckoo!  So, we ended up with one, as well!  
After seeing all the dirndls and lederhosen yesterday, we stopped in a shop to see all the different styles you could get.  Did you know that REAL lederhosen start at 100 euro.  They are made of leather.  I had no idea until we got here.  A dirndl can cost well over 100 euro, too!  
We stopped for lunch at a local restaurant.  We enjoyed lunch with two cute knights!
Today is Ethan's b/day.  So, we ordered Black Forest Cake for lunch.  When the waiter set it down, all you could smell was the liquor!  It was so strong.  The cake was practically inedible.  The boys and I ate the cream and that was about it!
Triberg has a large waterfall.  It had rained all night and I only brought suede boots, so we passed on hiking up the falls.  They were pretty!
This is the self proclaimed largest cuckoo clock in the world.  
The poor kids had to endure us stopping every few miles to take pictures!  The pictures do not do it justice.  The drive was breathtaking!
This village is at the bottom of a hill and has a cobblestone street.

We stopped at Cafe Konig in Baden Baden.   We stopped here with the Prices in August.  Nate had to try their Black Forest Cake!  It was so much better than the cake in Triberg!
This weekend was so fun!  I love our three day weekends!!!

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