Wednesday, October 3, 2012


    I started work this week!  So far, I am loving it!  I am only working a few hours each week.  As we get more clients, my hours will increase.  Each afternoon, Lincoln asks me if I went to work and then what I did with the kids.  Honestly, starting work again has inspired me to work on his speech again.  He made so much improvement last year.  He only has that stubborn /r/ sound to work on.  We have added it to his "homework."  Each day we spend about five minutes and practice.  He is really such an easy "client."  I don't know why I didn't start working on that /r/ earlier.  He will get it so quickly!
Today, he asked me if I went to work and then told me that I should take him to my office.  He said, "I am one of your speech kids.  We should practice at your office."  I told him that I prefer the couch!

    On another random note, we have FOUR garbage bins:  one for paper, one for compost, one for plastic and metal, and one for trash.  The recyclables go in a clearish yellow garbage bag that is apparently free at the city hall.  We just learned they were free....we bought them at a German grocery store last time.  As I was googling where the city hall was, I found out that our village has a Stalactite Cave.  The craziest thing is that this sign is right next to our house!!!!!  Tropfsteinhohle is the cave!  We've been here since July and I had no idea!!!  I googled the Tropfsteinhohle in Erzenhausen and found a youtube video of a guy going in it!  We will NOT be going in there!  It looks scary!!!
  You Tube Erzenhausen Tropfsteinhohle link

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