Monday, October 1, 2012

Bike Rider

 We decided to take Link out on his bike without training wheels!  He has been zooming around on his balance bike and we both had a good idea that he could do it!
 His only problem was getting distracted! He would see something to the side and turn his whole bike.  Notice how he is in the grass near the horses.
 It didn't take but a minute for Nate to let go.  Of course, Link didn't know that he was letting go.  He kept turning around to make sure Nate was holding on.  
 As we got to the stopping spot, Nate said, "Whew, that was a workout."  So Link says, "Let's do some push-ups!"  Of course, Daddy was not going to say no!
I brought some yummy chocolate for a treat!  After our stop, the boys took off!  Poor Nate! He had already worked out for the day and now he had to run all the way home with them!!
We were both so excited that he is already doing so well!!!

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