Friday, October 5, 2012

Leaf Day in Kindergarten

 Lincoln's Kindergarten class had Leaf Day today, and I got to help!  The lady helping him is Mrs. Hall.  She is the aid in the classroom and he loves her.  She loves to spoil all the children, and I am pretty sure he takes FULL advantage of that fact!
 I stayed at one center and he rotated around.  He was so excited to be doing the projects that he didn't even miss me!  
 I snuck next door to get a picture of him.  This is Emma, a friend in his class, who also rides the bus with him.  
 One of the last centers was his favorite.  They put leaves in the water and then put pennies on the leaves to sink the leaves.  They counted how many pennies it took to sink each leaf.
I had so much fun watching him at school.  Nate and I always knew how Ethan would be at school.  He is such a rule follower.  We were curious how Link would be.  He is definitely more outgoing than I thought he would be.  Mrs. Hudnall told me that he is very smart and that when he gets into mischief, he looks at her and grins!  

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