Thursday, October 18, 2012

St. Avold and Metz, France

 The boys had a teacher workday today, so Nate took a day off and we headed to France.  Our first stop was to the American cemetery in St. Avold.  This is the largest American cemetery in Europe.
 All the graves were of Americans who died in World War II.
 There are almost 10, 500 graves here.  It looked like a mini Arlington cemetery.
Next stop was Metz, France.  This is the cathedral in the heart of the city.  
 We were all STARVING and stopped at a really cool cafe right near the cathedral.  It may have been the best meal we have had in Europe.  Salad, ratatouille, baked potato with homemade sour cream and chives, and grilled chicken with tomato basil sauce.  The sauce was so delicious.  It tasted like La Madeleine's tomato basil soup.   Once I finished my chicken, I sopped up the sauce with their homemade rolls!  
 Nate got the salmon with a bearnaise sauce.  He was in agreement that these meals were amazing.  The boys got pizza and we took a bite once we finished our meals.  Their pizza was also amazing.
 After lunch, we went into the cathedral.  The ceilings in this place we so high!  There were so many stained glass windows.  It was a really pretty place.
 An organ was playing and Ethan said, "Hey, it sounds like Hogwarts in here!" 
 As we left we walked down the streets and saw a little bit more of the city.   There were a few play toys in this courtyard.  The boys RAN up to this thing behind Nate.  Nate yells, "NO, NO, NO, public horns!!!  Get away!"   It was so funny.  Why would there be horns in a public place for anyone to put their mouths on?  YUCK!
 The city was really pretty.  There was a ton of shopping....expensive shopping!  Hermes, Mont Blanc, etc.  
We spent a great day out and made it home by 4:30!!!  The best part is that tomorrow is Friday!!!  

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