Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nancy, France

We went to Nancy, France on Saturday!
We spent the day in the heart of Nancy.  It was beautiful.
We had to stop at our first pay bathroom.  Twenty euro cents to open the door.
We walked and came upon what looked like a mini-Champs Elysees.
The gates into the courtyard were amazing!
The Stanislas.  
We have been blessed with interacting with Germans that speak a little English.  We were not so lucky here in France.  We stopped at a restaurant to eat.  We thought they had pizza.  The waitress spoke NO English and we guessed at our order.  Imagine our surprise when quiche arrived instead of pizza! 
Ethan liked the quiche Lorraine and the tomato quiche.  

 After lunch, we found an amazing park called the Pepiniere!  The trees and flowers were gorgeous.  Everything was so green!  Lincoln was bound and determined to hang or climb in this tree!
 It was so big!  All four of us stretched our arms around it and were barely able to touch fingers!
 We found some climbing structures in the park!
 Ethan needed some encouragement from Daddy to jump across these things.  The other kids in the park were climbing and jumping.  Our guy was a little more cautious!
 BEST PARK EVER!  We found slushies and crepes!!
 Chocolate and Nutella Crepe!  DELICIOUS!
 This park was huge!  We also found mini-golf!!!
 This kid is so competitive.  When we finished, he asked Nate what the score was!  Nate told him he was not scoring the cards!  We are just having fun!

We spent a good five hours exploring Nancy, playing golf, playing on the playground, and eating!  Someone was a little tired at the end of the day and so were the kids!  haha!

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