Monday, July 23, 2012


We got up early Saturday morning to head to Heidelburg, Germany.  The town is really cute, but the castle is the main attraction in the town!

 We payed to take a train up to the castle and boy were we glad.  It was straight up hill on a cobblestone path!  The castle has been damaged three times.  It is pretty much in ruins, but it was spectacular!
 The castle sits on a hill and has the most gorgeous views of Heidelburg!
 We very quickly realized that we needed to go on the guided tour to get into the castle rooms.  So as we waited, we found a cafe.  Nate and Ethan looked at the tour book to get ready for the tour!
 This was one of the views from the castle!  GORGEOUS!  
We found a little cafe that served brats on a bun.  We ordered and sat on a bench to eat lunch.  This was our view!
Instead of waiting for the train, we walked back down.  We got some more awesome views on the way down.  As we made it to the car, it started pouring down rain!  Perfect timing!!!

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