Friday, July 20, 2012

Dino Park

 The boys and I went to DINO park today!  
We walked around and looked at the dinosaurs.  Ethan had me take his picture at every dinosaur.  I am only showing you this one because it might a few days to upload ever single picture I had to take of the silly boy!
 My little pirate spotted this ship RIGHT away.  As he was playing, Ethan ran off and I went to find him.  In the hunt for Ethan, Lincoln thought that we left him.  I turned around and he was frantically searching for me with tears in his eyes.  I ran over to him and he YELLED, "You scared ME!"  It was totally something I would have said to him!  Poor fella!
 This is where Ethan ran off to!  It was this cool basket that you could swing and push.  They had me push them around forever!
 This rope thing was so cool.  There were a series of about seven or eight rope lines that led to a huge rope net.  Link tried, but wasn't strong enough to make it.  Ethan made it the whole way around.
Lincoln loved, loved, loved the large slide!  He ran up and down this thing twenty times!!  For ten euro we will definitely go back!  Next time, we will bring our lunch and make a day of it!

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