Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July

We took full advantage of Nate's day off today!  We went SHOPPING!  On Tuesday, we move into the new house.  Our household goods will not be there, but we will be able to get some loaner furniture from the base.
We knew that our lamps and small household appliances would not work over here and we didn't want to run everything on a transformer, so we went to four big German stores and got pretty much everything we needed.
It was funny to go into the German stores and hear so many people speaking English.  I guess a lot of Americans had the same idea we did.
As we took the purchases to the new house, we noticed that Hermann and his wife were there working AGAIN.  They are putting so much energy into getting the house just right for us.  When he learned that we had two little boys, he decided to get new carpet upstairs instead of just cleaning it.
We bought the boys two balls to play with today.  As Nate and I started moving the stuff inside, I told the boys to go play.  We looked out the window and Hermann's wife was playing soccer with Ethan.
I am really excited about moving in on Tuesday!  I think we have two sweet landlords!!

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