Monday, July 2, 2012


Nate started work today.  Since he was working, I thought we would all do a little work today.
PLUS, I am sick and tired of video games!  So, after finding their new school (which is right next to the commissary), we went and bought groceries (my work).
Then, once we got home, I busted out the school work books and the boys did some work.  Surprisingly, Link was the easy one!  I think it was easy for him because he and I have been doing this for a year.  Ethan threw the biggest fit when I pulled the MATH workbook out.  He loves math.  I even gave him an easy subtraction page.  Not sure why he was so mad.
While Lincoln and I worked on reading, I gave Ethan three choices:  read for 15 minutes, write a page on word about our trip, or send an email to a family member.  He chose the page on word.  Little does he know that he will have to do all three sometime this week.  I am so mean!  haha!

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