Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wintery Wednesday

It was picture day! We got a late start this morning in the hopes of making it a relatively stress free day. Papa got some snuggle time in this morning.
We took a metro ride to the Capitol. The metro ride took us about an hour. Lincoln was a Momma's boy today (which is typical). Today he wanted to be in my lap all day!
The construction in front of the Capitol is for the inauguration. We walked from the Metro to the Capitol. We had to take everyone's coats off and snap quickly. The boys did very well considering the wind and cold! We left the Capitol and walked to the Old Post Office. They have a food court. I wish we had looked at metro map, but I think the cold made our brains shut down. We left after lunch and walked to the Museum of Natural History. We looked quickly at the Dinosaurs and headed home!
It was so cold today! Everyone was so bundled up today.
Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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