Friday, November 28, 2008

Change in Plans

Our plans to see Mount Vernon changed about 1:00 am when I heard Nate in the bathroom throwing up. This continued until 8:00 am. So, we all stayed in and played today. About 10:30 we took a walk down to the creek. The boys rode in the jogger while Papa pushed them. I warned him that there was a massive hill on the way back, but he volunteered to push them the whole way. Luckily, we took several breaks early on to let the kids throw rocks in the creek. After a quick lunch, the boys went down for a nap, and Nate and I headed up for a nap, too. I thought Dad was going to nap as well, but I learned when we woke up that he went back to the creek and did the walk again. I guess it was little easier without the kids and stroller. We decided to head out to Panera for some soup. I didn't bring my camera and Dad was charging his batteries, but here is a picture from our Chinese dinner Saturday night. That restaurant was great!

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