Monday, May 25, 2015

Lake Como, Italy

 We decided to make our last European trip to Lake Como, Italy.  We had a rough start.  Our six hour trip turned to 10 hours due to horrible traffic in Switzerland.  I guess if we had to sit in traffic at least we had amazing views!
 We stayed in a little village called Argegno.  
 The streets were tiny so we decided to park our car and take the ferry on Saturday.  
 We had an hour long ferry ride to Bellagio, but we were thoroughly entertained by this 
guy drawing people on the boat.
 I have not been to Vegas, but Nate said the hotel reminded of the village!  They did a good job.
 First stop:  FOOD!  My guys ordered spaghetti and clams.  I noticed a lady looking at them while they were eating.  At the end of their meal, she said that she was from England and that kids in England would not eat what they were eating!  Nate and I have done something right with these guys.
 Nate loved his trout and I had some amazing ravioli.
 After exploring and buying some souvenirs, we waited for our ferry.  These ferries start LATE (11:00) and then take hours between.  The Italians are not in a hurry!
 We decided to hop off at a village on our side of the lake and walk for a bit.  Ethan found his car!
 I was so glad we walked.  We saw some really cool things.

 This is the house from Star Wars episode II.
 After a two mile walk, we hopped on the ferry and head back to our village.  We thought we would sit at the front of the boat, but it was cold.  Ethan started screaming.  
The goofball caught his hair in his zipper.  
 Our apartment was in the bright yellow three story house.  
 The gardens were massive.  The boys loved running and exploring.  
 We enjoyed walking this path to find food and fun everyday.  
Of course, we had to end the night with PIZZA!

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