Saturday, May 9, 2015

Idar Oberstein Visit

 We have THREE weeks left!  It is going so fast!  We wanted to visit Idar Oberstein again before we leave.  It was a perfect afternoon to go with the Grogans, and only a 45 minute drive.
 We hiked up to the Felsenkirche and the castle.  
 After the hike, they felt like strong guys!
 This was our fourth trip to Idar Oberstein and the FIRST time the castle has been open!
 Julian found this cool pot for sale.  Only 5 euros!
 Of course, it got our guys wanting a souvenir!  They bought gems down in the village.  
I might have gotten a bracelet too!  :) 
 How often do you get to hang out in a castle overlooking the village?

 We hiked back down for dinner.  This is the castle we were in before.  

 The Felsenkirche (church in the rock).
 Buying gems!
 We ended our evening having steaks and baked potatoes in a building built in 1392!
Delicious!  I am so happy that we were able to go one more time!  This village is unique and special!

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