Sunday, May 17, 2015


 The boy's had STEAM night at school Friday night.  They were so excited to show off their projects.
 Lincoln's class made robots!
 Ethan had two projects.  I don't have many pix of him because he had to be at school at 4:30 to set up and then he had to supposedly stay with his projects.  When we arrived, I found him playing soccer!  
 Lincoln found Ian and Julian and they went together to all the stations.
 Ethan was excited to show off his rover.  

 We had to pry Lincoln and Julian away from the money station.
 I loved their art work!  
 Ethan's labels cracked me up!
We (all) worked so hard on his big science project, and then we almost forgot to go look at them.  They had them displayed in the library.  We rushed in the last ten minutes and got a good look!
 I love that these boys love Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math!!!

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