Monday, May 25, 2015

Menaggio and Argegno, Italy

 We woke up to a Sunny Sunday! 
 We walked down and bought some homemade croissants!
 And then proceeded to sit in the hot sun and wait for our bus.......the buses aren't 
any earlier than the ferries.
 Lincoln was smart and brought his book today.  
 We made it to Menaggio. 
 We walked around this village until lunch time.

 The boys tested out the temperature of the water.  It was cold!
 After a yummy lunch, we enjoyed some gelato.  The sun went behind the clouds and the gelato chilled us a bit!
 We decided to head back to the apartment and relax before dinner.  
 I found a restaurant at the top of Argegno and wanted to try it.  When I say the top of Argegno, I mean STRAIGHT up hill.
 Lincoln was not happy with me!
 We made it to the top and the view was amazing.  There was no restaurant though.  Oops!  The boys were furious, but thankfully it was all down hill now!  
Some yummy pasta and tiramisu made them forgive me.  
 I think we awoke to the prettiest day, but sadly we had to drive home.  I did read that there was supposed to be rain today!  At least we saw this gorgeousness before the rain.
 Goodbye Argegno.
Goodbye Italy!  

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