Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tennis Camp

The guys finished up Tennis Camp today.  I didn't get any shots of them actually at Tennis Camp, but this picture is too cute to not share!  
They started on Monday and it rained on and off all day long.  It was also between 50-60 degrees.  All day long, my stomach hurt.  I thought that when I picked him up at 3:00 they were going to be miserable!!!  I was so relieved when I showed up and saw the rain!!!!
Day two and three were even better!  They loved it so much that we bought them both rackets! They begged the night of day two to go to the courts and practice.   I was thankful that we did because Nate was able to give Link a few pointers and he is now able to get the ball over the net!  
Tonight, we took them back and they had so much fun!  
They both want to continue with lessons.  

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