Sunday, August 17, 2014


 Right before school was out for the summer, Bri and I linked up our calendars and made a summer bucket list of activities for the boys.  We took the boys to Lake Ohmbachsee to enjoy the paddleboats.
 Bri and I put the boys in one boat and told them to paddle back so that we could get our boat out.  As we were getting in our boat, the boys started SCREAMING!!!  "We are floating off.  Where do we go?  What do we do?"  Bri and I were cracking up.  Calm down fellas!!  Pedal!!
 Link's feet could not reach the pedals.  He used his hands!
 The bigger boys put him in the back!  
 Bri and I had a fun time!  The boys were very frustrated with their boat ride!  They wanted it to turn quicker and sharper.  They also didn't like pedaling!  It was a comical day!

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