Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ghent and Brugge

 We woke up Saturday morning and drove from Brussels to Ghent.  
This was a church from Monument's Men that Nate wanted to see.  
We drove from Ghent to Brugge.  I didn't think it was possible that there could be more people in any other Belgian city besides Brussels for the flower carpet, but I was wrong.  They were all in Brugge.  

The Church of our Lady in Brugge has a Michelangelo sculpture.  
Hilter stole this statue and thankfully the church recovered it.  

  Monument's Men had another church scene in Brugge.   
While Nate was looking around, the boys and I rested our feet.  
 It turns out that our friends, the Harrigans, had the same stops planned.  They were in this church too!
 Next mission, CHOCOLATE!  We stopped and got truffles from a local shop.  
We also stopped and got Godiva chocolate covered strawberries!
 We HAD to stop for Belgian waffles!
 Fun concrete chairs (and full bellies)!  
 I have no clue how but we managed to put away some mussels and fries too!
 We ordered three orders of mussels (thinking it would be a light dinner).  This was ONE of the pots!
He put a good dent into it!  We left sad.  We had SOOO many more mussels, but we were stuffed!  

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