Sunday, August 17, 2014

Devil's Table (Teufelstisch)

 I've heard great things about the Devil's Table, but there is not a lot of information online about this place.  In fact, I could not find the address only GPS coordinates.  I put them in the GPS and headed out.  I noticed it said it would take us 75 minutes.  I thought this place was 45 minutes.  About an hour into our trip, the boys start screaming, "FRANCE!!!  We don't have our passports!"  I pulled over and started searching on my phone.  It turns out the GPS coordinates were not correct.  I found the name of the village where the Devil's Table was located and hoped we would find it.  
A half our later, we were there!  Nate and I were laughing that our boys knew that they needed passports to go to France.  
 Thankfully, there were lots of signs and we found it easily!
We scarfed our lunch in the car and then started our hike up to the Devil's Table. 
 The Teufelstisch was impressive!!!
This was the cutest shoe bench!

The boy's favorite part was the HUGE slide!!!  Ethan and Link made the gigantic climb up to the slide about 30 times!  I was exhausted just watching them!
 Link found the zip line!  At the end, it slung him into the air every time!  I had him do it about 10 times, because the pictures were so funny!  
 As they were playing, I notice a few guys climbing the rock!  CRAZY!
I successfully wore them out!  Woo-hoo!

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