Sunday, December 8, 2013


 On Saturday, we hit up two of the most popular Christmas Markets in Germany.  Nuremberg and Rothenburg are only an hour apart.  We hit up both on Saturday.  Nuremburg was up first!
 Lincoln found a bratwurst with three mini bratwurst (instead of the big one) and he loved it!
 We did not stay long here (mainly because of the massive crowd).  Nate made his way through the massive amounts of people to get Ethan a mini pizza.  He does not like bratwurst.  Link and I stayed away from the crowd and ate our bratwurst!  
 A girl from Colorado came over while I was taking a picture of the three guys 
and offered to take our picture!  
 Nuremburg is famous for their lebkucken. It a german cookie resembling gingerbread.  
 This market was HUGE.  They actually had a kinder (kid) area.....which thankfully was less crowded.

 We walked around the city a bit before heading to the car.  
 This is the medieval city wall around the Old Town.  
 Next stop was Rothenburg.  I was most excited about this city.  It's a small medieval city with a wall around it.  The streets are all cobblestone.  The church in the middle was impressive!  
 We decided to sit down to eat.  It was a good call because it started raining.  
Thankfully, it stopped raining while we were inside eating.  
 I loved this market.  The crowds were manageable and the booths were scattered throughout the city.  Ethan found his candy heart and Link found a white chocolate covered pair mouse.  It was so cute!
 These are paper stars.  They are so pretty!
 Europe knows how to decorate their store windows!!!
 We only saw the city at night.  We all decided we need to come back in the spring or summer!  
We stayed the night at a family owned hotel.  We had breakfast at the hotel this morning.  It was a traditional German breakfast.  At breakfast, we discussed how a year ago we would not have enjoyed this breakfast like we do now. The discussion started when Lincoln said, "This salami and moon cheese are delicious!"  Nate had olives, a hard boiled, egg, and piece of cold ham. 
 I had mozzarella, cucumber, tomato, and piece of toast.  

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