Sunday, December 29, 2013

Izmir, Turkey

We booked the cruise excursion out of Izmri.  Ephesus is only a short drive away.  
We wanted the full tour for this amazing day!  Mary's house was our first stop.  

This is the well they used for years to get the holy water from.   They now have modern fountains.  
 The Catholic Church makes sure that house is kept up.  Her house is on a mountain above Ephesus.  
 The site is visited by Muslims as well as Christians.   
Mary is considered to be righteous in their religion.  
 Our tour gave us terra cotta containers to take holy water home. 
 Tourist tied up tissues and made a wish at the wall outside her house.  
 Our next stop was the ancient city of Ephesus.  This city was built in the 10th century BC.  
These are the aquaducts that carried water for the city.  
We were so overwhelmed.  I have no clue what half the pictures were!  
The covered area is the area where they are still excavating.  
Odeon theater built in 150 AD.

 Gate of Hercales.  The sculptures on the sides were amazingly intact.  
 Flying Nikes.  You can see the Nike Swoosh in her toga.  
 Marble streets led down to the library.  It was really slippery. 

 Library of Celsus.  Completed around 100 AD.  
 It was definitely the show stealer here!
This is the view looking up!
Public toilets.  Men were the only ones allowed to use these!  
 This is Ephesus' Ancient Agora (marketplace)
 As we were walking to the big theater, a parade walked by.  Our tour guide led us down to watch a gladiator fight.  
 Apparently, Mark Anthony and Cleopatra honeymooned to Ephesus.  
We had a few minutes to visit the Ephesus Theater on our own.  
 The auditorium seated 25,000 people.  
 As we left, we went through a busy Turkish souvenir area.  They were begging us to buy saffron or Turkish delight.  They also had some Genuine Fake Watches!
 We had heard some horrible reviews about the rug factory that the tour took us to.  Thankfully, our bus went to the nicest place.  It was super clean and very interesting!  This is the silk used for the rugs.  
 Silk cocoons hanging from a Mulberry tree.  
The carpets were amazing!  The owner gave everyone drinks.  
Nate got a Turkish coffee and he was happy!  
I had really been looking forward to this stop and it did not disappoint!!!

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