Monday, December 2, 2013

Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia is only about an hour from Vienna by train.   On Friday, we joined our friends for a day trip to Slovakia.  
It was much warmer this day.  Behind Lincoln is the presidential garden.  
We happened to walk by the Presidential Palace and their guards.  

 Gate into town.
                   We weaved our way to the Old Town and took the path that the royals used to take.  
                                       The path was marked by gold crown symbols on the road. 
We were only 6856 km from NY!!
The kid's mission was the photo bomb every photo!
St. Elizabeth's blue church was such an unexpected surprise.  
We couldn't go in, but I was able to snap a picture.  It was such a pretty church.  
Unfortunately, it was literally directly across the street from this building.  
Guess what we found.....another Christmas market.  The boys enjoyed shooting corks and the royals!
As we were making our way back to the train, we passed the US embassy.  
Bratislava was filled with graffiti.....but not this pretty graffiti....the ugly kind!  
We had a great time in Slovakia!  
Snuggle time on the way home!
One metro stop from our hotel was one more Christmas Market.  We stopped for some dessert!
I had been dreaming of these donut pretzels all day!  
We also saw these cupcakes and they looked delicious.  We knew better than to trust European cupcakes, but they were so pretty we had to try them.  Bad idea!!  :) Stick to the pretzels!
This was such a pretty market!  Our Thanksgiving break went by so quickly!  We had a great time!  

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