Sunday, December 29, 2013


I read that Athens has a lot of stray cats and dogs.  They have so many that local agencies are feeding them and have started spaying and neutering them.  We had not been off of the bus for five minutes before I started seeing the dogs.  
 This guy followed us all the way to the Acropolis entrance.  As you looked to the left and right you would see three or four dogs down each street.  
 Different dog at the Acropolis.  
 Cats at the Acropolis.
The boys started counting them. 
Acropolis dog.  

As we entered Ephesus, our tour guide asked if any of us were allergic to cats. She said that the archaeologists started feeding the stray cats years ago and now they are everywhere.  She was not kidding.  They recently started spaying and neutering them too. 
Ephesus cat
Cat posing at Ephesus.

 Things got crazy in Istanbul.  Stray spray-painted goat!
 Four males and one female....not good odds for this turkish female dog!
 SIX cats on the steps in Istanbul. Ethan counted 44 stray dogs and cats in Istanbul.
We only saw one stray sweetie in Pompeii/Naples!

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