Sunday, December 29, 2013

Olympia, Greece

 Our very first port was Katakolon, Greece.  It is about 30 minutes away from Olympia.  
We made the Archaeological site our first stop.  
As soon as you walk into the site, you saw the archaeologists digging.  
 We lucked out and were one of the first people at the site.  
We hired a driver who drove us there (really fast).  
 These are the thermal baths that the Olympic athletes used.
 The site was massive and not well marked.  We spent (literally) 30 minutes trying to get our bearings.
 This was a pillar at the Temple of Zeus that they re-erected for the 2004 Greece Olympics.  
 This is the base of the statue of Nike.  The top was in the museum next door.  
 Entrance to the Olympic stadium.  
 This is the track that the runners ran on at the first Olympics!  
 On your mark (Lincoln got a head start), get set, 
Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  
 This is where the Olympic torch was lit.  
 Our next stop was at the Archaeological Museum.  These figures were found near a metal altar.  
These are thousands of years old.   
Some of the statues recovered from the outside site...and some silly faces. 
Our driver took us to a restaurant for lunch and then back to the port.  We had hours to kill so we walked around the little village and ate some baklava!  YUMMY!!

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