Monday, December 2, 2013

Vienna, Austria

We went to Vienna for Thanksgiving.  We woke up late (after a late flight) and bundled up for a day of exploring.  It was a super cold day!  Our first stop was Stephansdom. 
We peeked in for a few minutes.  It was a really pretty church.  
We did not plan on visiting the Albertina Museum, but we needed a break from the chilly wind.  The big exhibit now is Henri Matisse.  We spent a few hours in this museum.   We left and enjoyed a traditional Viennese lunch of schnitzel.  Both boys love a good schnitzel!  As we were eating, Lincoln says, "Hey isn't it Thanksgiving!!!"  Yep....Vienna style!Vienna was FULL of Christmas markets. 
We visited two right after lunch and then took a tram around the loop of Vienna.   
As we were waiting on the tram, we noticed the Opera house right behind the tram stop!  
 After riding around the loop, our last stop was the Christmas market at the Rathaus.  
We grabbed some roasted chestnuts to warm us up!  
It was getting dark and we were frozen so we headed back to the hotel to thaw out.  
                    After a quick warm up, we ended the evening with sushi!!!  Happy Thanksgiving!
On our second day in Vienna we visited Schonbrunn Palace.  This is the most visited place in Vienna, and I felt like they all visited the day we were there!
It didn't help that they had an amazing Christmas market going on!  
We ate homemade chips and chicken fingers.  They were so good!  The market was one of the best I have seen.  They had lots of handmade unique items.  
These pretzels looked delicious!!!
We took the guided tour of the palace and then hit the Christmas market one more time before we left.  
We wanted to visit more thing before bed, so the grown-ups (minus me) went to the Carls Church.  Right in front of the church was a playground.  
The boys did so well during the tour, they had some fun at the playground!
Yes, that is ANOTHER Christmas market!  
We went with some friends who had girls!  The boys were in love!
We ate at a Rick Steve's recommended Greek restaurant.  It was delicious.  Afterwards, we took one more stroll through Vienna to see the lights.  
It was so gorgeous and made you feel in the holiday mood!  
Or just in a goofy mood!
We ended with ONE more Christmas market.  We counted a total of ten for the weekend!

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