Monday, November 11, 2013

Prague finale

 Sunday started off so sunny and and lovely!  Our first stop was to see Prague's dancing house.  
It truly looks like it is dancing.  
 Here's the whole gang!
 The weather was great and the boys were itching to let off some steam, so we stopped at playground right near the river.  
 We made sure that we didn't bring our dogs, wine, and marijuana to the park!  
 The park was basically a giant ropes course.  It was really cool!  

 This pic and the next one were taken from the park.....what a view!

 We walked a bit and found a street performer juggling fire.  The boys were entranced!  The day before we saw a giant bubble maker girl.  This city had lots of street performers.  
 The city also had lots of graffiti and street art.   
Next we had lunch.  While we were eating it started raining....and didn't let up for the rest of the day.  
 We decided to let the boys do some souvenir shopping. 
 Lincoln wanted some nesting dolls and this place had thousands of them!  
 They even had a Pirates of the Caribbean nesting doll.  Who would have thought????
 We were cold, wet, and more wet!  We found a coffee shop and sat until it turned dark.  
 After sitting in the heat drinking hot chocolate we were happy!  
We decided to go explore the city at night.  
 GROG??  Lincoln spied this sign!
 After seeing Prague at night, our cold rainy yucky afternoon was worth it.  

After the morning playground time, we walked by a restaurant with a picture of a rice dish.  It looked so good.  We were fairly close at dinner time and decided to give it a try for dinner.  After sitting down with the menu, we learned it was an Uzbekistan restaurant.  The food was delicious!  
We made it a fairly early night and started day three at Aqua Palace.  It was a big water park.  We all had a great time before our drive home!  This Prague trip was fantastic!!!  

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