Monday, November 11, 2013

Prague day one

We went to Prague for the long weekend with the Grogans.  
 This city is beautiful!!!!
 Our first stop was the Prague castle.  
We took a self-guided tour.  
 The castle cathedral was magnificent.  There were amazing stained glass windows and lots of GOLD!

 The castle is perched above the city.   We were able to get some great views!  

 It was really fun having our friends on the trip.  
 The boys were very silly!
 We found this awesome sugary bread at a festival early this summer, and haven't seen it since.  Apparently, it is a Czech thing!  It was all over the city.  To the left of Nate's head is a big roll of it!
 We crossed St. Charles bridge and took some more pictures of the castle.  
 We walked to the Old Town.
 The boys studied clocks this week.  
I took this picture so they could show their teacher the astronomical clock.  
 The highlight of the trip for me was the Folklore dinner Brianne arranged for us.  
 They picked us up late (7:15) and the show was 2 1/2 hours (hence Link's face).   
It was LATE, but we had such a good time!
 We enjoyed a traditional Czech dinner, dancing, and singing.  
They encouraged audience participation, but Ethan was the only one who participated.  
He tried out the horse hair instrument.  
 It only cost us 3,500 krone.  It was so funny paying with thousands this weekend.  

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