Friday, November 15, 2013


The fellas had parent/teacher conferences this week. 
   I like to ask them two questions before their conferences.  
                         1) What is something good your teacher is going to say about you?
2) What is something that she may say you need to work on?  
 Ethan:  She is going to say that my behavior is good and I am good in Math.  She is also going to say that I need to slow down and check my work.
His teacher had him lead his conference, so those are actually things that he put into his presentation.  She did agree with him though!  :)
Lincoln:  She is going to say that I am a good reader.  She is going to say that I need to slow down.
He was also spot on.  She had a little more to say about his behavior, but overall it was a good meeting.  Her exact words were "no red flags."  As soon as we left her room, he asked what that meant!  :)

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