Thursday, December 25, 2014

Paris for Christmas Day 2

 We had Musee D'Orsay on our itinerary for day two of our trip.
 The interior of the museum was beautiful!  The art in this museum was so impressive!  Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet, Matisse.  It was so surreal seeing the art you see in books!!!  
 This clock was massive and gorgeous!
 Nate was peeking at Sacre Coeur out the clock window.
This view was from the window near the clock.
 Beautiful Paris views!
 Lincoln said, "Why are there all the locks on this bridge?"
 We saw a playground near the Champs Elysees and decided to let the fellas get some energy out!

 We stopped at the Place des Voges.  It's a bunch of mansions over an arcade.  
The tour book made it appear more impressive than it actually was.  
 They did have a playground for the boys though!
 We decided to finish the day off visiting La Defense.  We had never been that way out of Paris.
 It was very modern and had tons of shopping!  They had a big Christmas Market set up.
 This was the oddest market I had ever seen!  WIGS????
 Foie Gras
 Flexible napkin holders.
 Yummy cheese
 We all enjoyed a waffle after dinner.  
I don't think we could have packed one more thing into day two!

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