Thursday, December 25, 2014

Last Day in Paris with the Grogans.

 On our last day, the Grogan's trained into Paris for the day.  
We met them at the station and then headed to the Louvre.
 These guys had been talking about getting the DS audio/visual guide for weeks!  The parents QUICKLY learned these were terrible.  They looked at the device instead of the art.  
We kept telling them to LOOK at the art.  
Winged Victory.
 Four DaVinci paintings.
 Link was so excited to see the Mona Lisa again.  
 Michelangelo sculpture with the boy's backs to it!  

A piece of the Parthenon.  I think we have seen it all now after visiting the one in Greece, pieces in the British Museum, and now the Louvre.
 Venus de Milo

 I love the shadow of this one.
 We walked so much of the museum just to see the mummies.  Ethan loves seeing them.
 We had a macaron treat and rested our feet.
 We walked down the Seine to Notre Dame.
 Link and I thought it looked like the Eiffel Tower was being erased.
Yucky weather!!!

 We arrived at Notre Dame right at 5:00 mass.

 The largest advent wreath I have ever seen.
 I was shocked that they tourists in during mass.
 That is Julian right up front!
We headed to the train station for our trip home.  
We noticed these bikes that you ride to charge your phone.  Pretty cool!

This was the train trip!!  Ice trains, regional trains, and metro trains!  I honestly think we could drop Ethan off anywhere in the city and that boy could get to our hotel!  He is good with a metro map!
Au Revoir Paris!  

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