Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day

 Santa came to Germany!!!
 The boys got mine craft toys, Legos, board games, remote control cars, and video games.  
 I wrapped Mar's gift in her favorite food box.  
Link thought she sent coconut shrimp, and he was pretty happy with it! 
 I had to tell him to open the box.
 We got the boys their own Bible with their names on them.  
Poor Link has been reading one that says Mandy Arnold on it.
 Ethan was beyond excited about his FIFA 15 DS game.
 Link had the idea to get me gloves that I can use my phone with for Christmas.  He was so proud of his gift idea and Nate was excited that he had a good too!
 Nate found a build your own fort kit.  This was a hit!
I told Mar about it and she had her friend make the fort cover.  
She even monogrammed their names on it.  
We all had the best Christmas.  The boys were so appreciative of everything.  I am even more excited to spend the next week and half spending time with them.

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