Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week TWO!

Week one of First Grade and week one of me trying out this stay at home job went GREAT! Ethan started the week out a little unsure about his new school, but ended the week happier than I have seen him in a while. He earned "Artist of the Week" from his Art teacher! He made some new friends and enjoyed his first week of being a bus rider. Notice I said HE enjoyed being a bus rider. This whole bus mess has not made his Momma happy! For now, I will drive him to school and he will ride the bus home.
Lincoln and I had a fantastic week together. We got some work in, got some cleaning in, got some cooking in, and had our very first play date! We found a family that has two boys the same ages as mine. They even have a son in Ethan's class!
We had a great weekend. We had dinner with friends, did lots of playing, and just enjoyed each other! Here's to a great week two!!!!

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