Thursday, August 18, 2011

School's around the corner

Ethan starts school on Monday. Tonight was meet the teacher night. His school is going to be very different than Virginia. The school he came from in Virginia was VERY diverse. I think that this new school is primarily Brats (military kids that is!). The main difference Ethan noted was that he had a desk and not a table!

I am not ready for him to start back to school. I feel like our summer just started. He, on the other hand, is ready! Yesterday, in the car, he asked if three minutes was 180 seconds. Shocked, I said yes. Then he says, "Well then four minutes is 240 seconds and five minutes is 300 seconds. But the easiest one is 6 minutes is 360 minutes." I asked him how in the world he knows this and he says I am just adding 60. When we were at the library this week he checked out a book on multiplication. This boys needs to get back to school!

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