Saturday, August 13, 2011


What do you do in Montgomery, AL on a Saturday when it's 100 degrees? You go BOWLING, of course!
We took the fellas on their first ever bowling adventure. Ethan was not so excited about having the bumpers before we got there. He realized how heavy the ball was and how little control he had over it, and he was just FINE with having the bumpers!
Little bit had an ok time. He played one game with us and then said, "I am not gonna bowl that ball again." So, we each took turns bowling for him the second game.

Daddy O did great!

I was SHOCKED that all my Wii bowling did not transfer over to the real game! I have a feeling my tennis, golf, or baseball would not either!
I was also shocked how cheap we made out today. We got shoes, a large pizza, four drinks, and two games of bowling for $20. It doesn't seem to be cooling down here, so we may be back before you know it!

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