Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jedi Training

Jedi Training Academy!!! We rushed through the gates of Hollywood Studios to sign up for the academy. Link's b/day is next week. You have to be four to be in the academy, so I told him minutes before his turn in line that he was four. He turns and says, "It's my b/day? Do I get cake today?" YES!!! Just say your are four!!!
Ethan was so nervous that he might not beat Darth Vader. I kept assuring him that he could!!!
Their trainer was so funny and he put Link right next to him.
The couple next to us turned and said, "Ahhh..look at that little guy." We sheepishly said....he's ours!!! Poor Link could barely get his light saber out quick enough.
Ethan was so happy! He did fantastic.
Darth was amazing!
The new young padwans.

So, I took picture after picture after picture until the boys fought Darth. I switched the camera to video to get it all on video, but somehow I didn't get it! I don't know what happened. Here is a camera picture Nate took. Link couldn't get his light saber out so the master lent him his. It was so stinking cute!!!!!

This is the crazy quick video of Ethan!! :( I am so bummed by video didn't work, but they had so much fun!!!

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